Student Speaking Seminar

Our trainers are not just passionate about contributing to your success. They are great public speakers, awarded prizes for their skills in competitions at Oxford and Harvard University. Starting as trainers even before their graduation, they have provided numerous young people with the tools to live up to their full potential and are warmly recommended by their former students.

From previous participants

“To be honest, I couldn’t wish for better instructors. They encouraged me to go the extra mile and take on challenges but were also there to help me with constructive criticism. I think both Jasmin and Walter did a great job as a public speaking trainer and motivated me to learn.” - Swip
“For me, a law student in the international environment, the course was extremely helpful both professionally and personally. Not only did I get skills with creative excercises, but also got more self-confident. Would I go again? A thousand times, because this course gives you the motivation to develop!”- Ksenjia
“Whether it is in a professional setting while having a discussion with colleagues, or when I spend time with friends or family, I use the public speaking skills that they have helped me develop almost every day.” - Lars
“The theory, exercises but also the amusing but surprisingly useful games where one by one designed to help you step out of the comfort zone and discover a new one. And with that excel in the world of public speaking.” - Enaam
“I can still grow as a public speaker, and the trainings of Jasmin and Walter provided me with the tools to do so.” - Anne
“They are very enthusiastic and motivating trainers who helped me learn and advance a number of skills in a short time.” - Jannick
“I’ve had a great learning but also fun experience following this program and would recommend it to anyone desiring to improve in public speaking.” - Diana
“Walter and Jasmin were amazing trainers: they gave me trust and stimulated me to develop myself by giving useful, constructive feedback.” - Niki
“I still remember how I walked in, shy, insecure, and afraid to speak in public. I thought: where did I get myself into? But after a couple of sessions with Jasmin and Walter I started feeling more secure. I can recommend this to anyone who wants to overcome their fear while speaking in public.” - Resy

From organizations we worked with

Marjolein, Marketing Director of the National Honours Conference 2014:
"The Student Speaking Seminar formed a great opportunity for the students to became aware of the importance of their public speaking skills. Especially for ambitious 'honours' students this skill cannot be neglected. The incentive provided by the SSS, to further develop their public speaking skills, will therefore contribute to their careers."

Medium Magazine wrote about Student Speaking Seminar in February 2014.

And the European Youth Parliament media covered our training for the delegates of the 76th International Session.