Student Speaking Seminar

You have ideas, ambitions and ideals. Your challange is to communicate these clearly. To convince others that you and your ideas are worth it. Our trainings are designed to help you do that.

The Student Speaking Seminar

This is our classic, all-round, intensive training program. This seminar takes 5.5 hours, so you will need some stamina! In these hours you will be given a good basis that allows you to give a well-rounded, powerful presentation in most contexts.

Hundreds of students have taken part in this seminar who have learned a lot about public speaking! The students who profited most from our program have one thing in common: after the seminar, they started taking (and making!) opportunities to put the theory we taught them into practice. They used the seminar as a kickstart to boost their development. Keep that in mind when registering!

The Job Interview Training

Doing successful job interviews is an essential part of your future, but how can you learn to do that well? The Job Interview Training is meant for students who are ambitious and don't want to miss great opportunities.

In this training program of 3.5 hours, you will learn how to prepare well and perform great in a job interview.

This program has helped students to get the job they were looking for, or find the internship that they wanted. This training will have you reflect on yourself in learn how to make a better impression.

A custom training program

Are you looking for something specific? For yourself, or for your organization? We have helped numerous organizations with tailor-made training programs. We are ready to think with you about everything concerning presenting, public speaking, persuasion and powerful communication. If you need a training program in this field, email us at